10th Software Product Line Conference

pure-systems will be present with several activities at the 10th Software Product Line Conference. The conference will be held from August 21 - 24, 2006, in Baltimore, USA. Tutorial: Using Feature Models for Product Derivation Tuesday, August 22, 8:30AM-12AM. The implementation of a software product line leads to a high degree of variability within the software architecture. For an effective development and deployment it is necessary to resolve variation points within the architecture and source code automatically during product/variant derivation. This tutorial shows how feature models combined with appropriate tools can provide this support. Tutorial: Transforming Legacy Systems into Software Product Lines Tuesday, August 22, 1PM-5PM. Not every software product lines starts from the scratch, often organizations face the problem that after a while their software system is deployed in several variants and the need arises to migrate to systematic variability and variant management using a software product line approach. The tutorial will discuss issues coming up during this migration process mainly on the technical level, leaving out most organisational questions. Panel: Product Derivation Approaches Wednesday, August 23, 10:30AM-12AM. At some point, no matter how wonderful your product line process is, you have to ship the products. The panelists will each present a different approach to PLE, concentrating on how actual products are derived from specifications. The approaches presented include feature modeling, architecture description languages, UML and domain-specific modeling languages. Demonstration: pure::variants Variant Management Time and place TBA. Get a live demonstration of pure::variants, a tool for managing variability throughout the development process. It is one of the few commercially available tools for software product line development. Its unique extensibility makes it easy to integrate it into existing development process/tool chains.