Danfoss wins IBM Software Innovation Prize 2008

Danfoss Drives has received the Software Innovation Prize 2008 from IBM Denmark for its innovative approach and activities to eliminate manual processes, and automate steps in creative product design under the control of a Software Product Line. The Software Innovation Prize is awarded to the company, which through visionary thinking and effective implementation has managed to create a solution that has secured significant real added value for the company and through it’s innovation serves to inspire others. pure-systems has partnered with Danfoss Drives and has helped Danfoss to develop and implement the Software Product Line ideas. pure-systems has assisted with product line architecture design, implementation and tools integration, and regular team review and coaching to keep these innovative ideas on track. Danfoss Drives is using pure::variants to help manage and automate all phases of the Software Product Line lifecycle. Danfoss Drives has changed the mindset and approach to software development for its VLT frequency converters. VLT frequency converters are now built from a standard software platform which has eliminated many sources of error. A standardised software development methodology across Danfoss Drives has helped eliminate many manual processes and achieved greater simplicity. The advanced thinking and ideas implemented at Danfoss Drives are used to automate the software delivery process, manage configurations and versions, and globally manage software across the lifecycle as a Software Product Line. References: IBM Denmark Software Innovation Prize (in danish) White Paper – Minimally Invasive Migration to Software Product Lines This text as PDF