Start: Mon, 05.11.2018 08:45 AM until
End: Thu, 08.11.2018 05:15 PM
Berlin, Germany

This one-day free event brings together the community of Capella and Arcadia:

  • creators of this innovative systems engineering solution,
  • providers of Capella add-ons and services,
  • MBSE experts and industrial users.

Capella Day is your opportunity to meet the Capella ecosystem's members and to learn from their expertise.

Deepen your knowledge of the Capella workbench or, if you're new to the community, discover the latest plugins and extensions that will unleash the potential of Capella: documents generation, collaborative work or simulation.


pure-systems will be holding a presentation on:

"Reuse of Capella assets with pure::variants – How to capitalize on your assets?" presented by Prof. Dr. Danilo Beuche

Compared to single product development, developing and maintaining a portfolio of related products comes with additional challenges. A systematic approach is needed to realize a high reuse rate that minimizes the maintenance effort and maximizes the productivity.

Prof. Dr. Danilo Beuche will present how these challenges can be tackled for all assets of the development lifecycle using pure::variants, focusing on its integration with Capella.

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