pure-systems supports leading car supplier Bosch with realization of software product lines

The pure-systems GmbH will develop tool support to establish and manage software product lines of the engine management systems made at the Gasoline Systems Department of Robert Bosch GmbH. The tool will be based on the variant management software pure::variants. Robert Bosch Gasoline Systems division develops and manufactures engine management systems for gasoline engines used in a large number of vehicles with many different engines and software variants. Engine management systems typically consist of over 400 functional modules with 7500 parameters or more. In the department over 60 projects are developed every year, generating more than 1500 software variants. To meet growing the demand and requirements for quality and efficiency of software development processes a perfectly matched tool support is needed. The pure-systems GmbH variant management system pure::variants provides support for the design, generation and performance of variant intensive systems. The approach used for modelling, analysis and configuration was designed to fit the special needs of the software development. An eclipse-based, open client/serverarchitecture makes pure::variants ideal to integrate into working development processes. The pure-systems GmbH is a privately operated enterprise, set up in 2001 as spin-off from Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg and Fraunhofer Institut FIRST, Berlin. The company offers consulting, training, software tools and software components for variant management and product lines with a focus on embedded systems. PDF version This is a translation of our german press release.