pure::variants 4.0 released

This release is a major release and includes a number of improvements and bug fixes.

Highlights are:

  • Full support for Variant/Product Line Coevolution with pure::variants Update Transformations. Learn More
  • Connectors for IBM Jazz-based tools provide support for Global Configuration Concepts
  • New Connector for MagicDraw. See the Connector in Action
  • Support for Office 2016
  • Full use of capabilities of 64bit operating systems
  • More Variability and Variant Analysis Capabilities

We compiled the most relevant changes into a Release 4.0 Overview document.

The update is highly recommended for all users.

The full list of changes is in the Changelog.

Important Changes in pure::variants 4.0

Please check, the changes below may affect your use of pure::variants 4.0

  • New License Files Required
  • Minimum Java Version Java 7 (pure::variants 3.2.xx: Java 5)
  • Recommended Java Version Java 8
  • Minimum Supported Eclipse Version Eclipse 3.6 (pure::variants 3.2.xx: Eclipse 3.5)
  • Recommended Eclipse Version Eclipse 3.8
  • Deprecated Functionality Use of pvProlog expressions. pvProlog will be fully supported in all 4.0 releases but support will be removed in future major releases.