SPLC 2005 26.-29. Sept

pure-systems will be present with several activities at the 9th Software Product Line Conference Europe. The conference will be held from September 26 - 29, 2005, in Rennes, France. Tutorial: Transforming Legacy Systems into Software Product Lines Monday, September 26, 14:30-18:00. Not every software product lines starts from the scratch, often organizations face the problem that after a while their software system is deployed in several variants and the need arises to migrate to systematic variability and variant management using a software product line approach. The tutorial will discuss issues coming up during this migration process mainly on the technical level, leaving out most organisational questions. Panel: Change is Good. You Go First. Wednesday, September 28, 9:00-10:30. While there is ample evidence that, for many development organizations, a change to software product line practice would be good, there is a reluctance by these organizations to go first. This panel will explore what must be accomplished by the SPLC community and others to overcome the inhibitors and facilitate increased SPL adoption.