pure::variants Connector for ClearQuest

Integrated Variant Management for IBM Rational ClearQuest

About Variant Management

Related products frequently share much of the same software, with only a few differences realizing product-specific functionality. However, much of the challenge of developing related products comes from managing these differences. Variant management addresses this problem by enabling the development of a group of related products (known as a Software Product Line) as a whole, rather than as individual, independent projects.

pure::variants is a purpose-built variant management tool. It manages your product line while integrating seamlessly into existing development processes and therefore streamlines the processes of developing your product line as a whole and producing individual product variants.

Variant management is required in all stages of Product Line development. However, traditional software development tools are often focussed on single system development. pure::variants closes this gap by providing a model-based infrastructure for variability modelling and variant definition in all phases of a system development. This allows existing tools to be augmented to handle variability and variants more efficiently. With its open interfaces, variant information can be used consistently in requirements engineering, during systems design and implementation and also in testing.

pure::variants Connector for ClearQuest

With pure::variants Connector for ClearQuest® variant-specific defects and tests can be managed easily and efficiently for both new and existing ClearQuest® databases.

pure::variants Connector for ClearQuest® allows easy integration of variant management capabilities with ClearQuest®. ClearQuest® Queries can be connected to pure::variants models using a data exchange interface. Test and defect records may be associated with pure::variants variation points. pure::variants can then be used to define the relevant variants of interest. Test and defect states for these variants are then monitored in real-time. This provides a quick overview on the state of variant-related development at any time. pure::variants’ integrated metrics framework also makes evaluation of variant-based metrics very easy.

Benefits of pure::variants Connector for ClearQuest

  • powerful variability-modelling language
  • automatic conflict detection and resolution during variant definition (feature selection)
  • evaluation of predefined and application-specific variant metrics such as test coverage for variants
  • can be used with existing ClearQuest® databases
  • variant-related test and defect states updated in realtime

Technical Data


  • pure::variants release 2.4 or newer
  • IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® V7.x (other releases available on request)