Variant management is required in all stages of product line development. However, traditional software development tools are often focussed on single system development. pure::variants closes this gap by providing a model-based infrastructure for variability modelling and variant definition in all phases of system development. This allows existing tools to be augmented to handle variability and variants more efficiently. With its open interfaces, variant information can be used consistently in requirements engineering, during systems design, implementation and also in testing. There are already many extensions that connect pure::variants with common product lifecycle applications and this list continues to grow. What's more, it is quick and easy to implement new extensions with pure::variants powerful extension capabilities.

Requirements Management

Most differences between products are directly derived from requirements. With pure::variants extensions for Requirements Management, requirements information can be enriched with variability information and associated with its implementation.

Model Driven Software Development

Since variant management is itself part of the domain of model driven development, it is straightforward to connect to other MDD tools to enrich their models with variability information.

Software Configuration Management

With a direct link, it is easy to apply variant-specific tasks and automated software generation to artefacts stored in a configuration management system. Most software configurations management systems not directly supported by a specific extension (see list below) can be integrated using the pure::variants Transformer for Software Configuration Management Systems easily.

Test Management / Defect Tracking

Test and defect records may be associated with pure::variants variation points. The states for these records are monitored in real-time and can be analysed by pure::variants.

Office Tools

pure::variants can be also connected to Office tools to link documents such as texts or spreadsheets to variant management. This helps to quickly generate variant-specific documentation, specifications or engineering data.

Reporting Tools

pure::variants can be connected to reporting tools, to provide variant management for reports.