Variant Management with pure::variants

pure::variants Screen 01In related products much of the basic code of their software is identical while only a few differences specify the unique functionality. For the product line approach all parts of products divide into these groups, commonalities and variabilities. It is important to store and manage them well to ensure efficient use in reengineering.

Variant management is joined software development for a group of similar products (e.g. a software product line). Through variant managment the development process becomes more efficient, faster, and more reliable. With pure::variants, there is a tool for variant management of product line based software development available.

Important Features

pure::variants is the tool to outline and manage efficiently all parts of software products with their components, restrictions and terms of use. With this set of information and with the continuous tool support throughout the entire software configuration process, valid solutions are created automatically from the choosen features.

It is easy to get started with pure::variants, as it integrates seamlessly into existing development processes and is independent of programming language. pure::variants adds a new dimension to the development of custom-made software solutions.