pure::variants for IBM Rational DOORS

pure::variants Professional is an IBM Ready for Rational Software certified tool to manage variability in your requirements and help you create and maintain reusable requirements within DOORS Modules.

Extension scheme variant model

Modules in DOORS® are synchronized with pure::variants Feature models - these model what is common to all products in the product line and what varies between products in the product line. Additional relations and dependencies between requirements that have not been represented in DOORS® are then modelled in pure::variants. Individual product variants may then be created using pure::variants and the results stored in DOORS® to record which requirements map to which variants. Changes to requirements models in DOORS® can be mirrored in pure::variants.

Benefits of pure::variants for DOORS

  • Enables smooth transition to systematic variant management and requirements reuse. Can use existing DOORS® Modules and pure::variants models can mirror DOORS module hierarchy across the V-Model.
  • Manages the complexity of dealing with thousands of requirements and variation points across multiple DOORS modules and variants.
  • Supports traceability - makes it easy to report on which requirements have been incorporated into which variants.
  • Allows you to check the integrity of your Requirements Modules by ensuring you support variability where desired.
  • Enables fast and precise decisions to be made about which requirements to select for a product or system variant.
  • Provides a rich language for modelling relationships and restrictions between requirements.
  • Automatically detects and resolves problems when conflicting requirements are specified.
  • Integrates with other systems engineering activities e.g. Architecture Design and Model-based development with pure::variants for IBM Rational Rhapsody® or pure::variants for MATLAB® Simulink®.
  • Enterprise-scalable open-standards based technology designed to be integrated as part of an end-to-end solution for Application (ALM) and Product (PLM) Lifecycle Management.

pure::variants for IBM Rational DOORS is fully compatible with pure::variants Professional in combination with the pure::variants Connector for IBM Rational DOORS and can be upgraded for full-lifecycle integration and orchestration with other development tools.

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Technical specifications

  • Supported development platforms
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 2003 Server and newer
  • Supported IBM Rational DOORS versions
    • 8.x and newer