pure::variants for IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation

pure::variants for IBM Rational DOORS NG® is a tool to manage variability in your requirements and helps you create and maintain reusable requirements within DOORS NG Modules

The DOORS Next Generation (DNG) integration with pure::variants enables Feature-Driven Product Line Engineering (PLE) and Variants Management directly within DNG, including support for structural and parametric variation, streams, and global configurations. The combination of DNG and pure::variants enables Systematic Reuse of requirements across product lines and helps manage the complexity of cross-dependencies and dependency chains between systems, requirements and features.

Extension scheme variant model

Benefits of pure::variants for DOORS NG

  • Enables smooth transition to systematic variant management and requirements reuse. Can use existing DOORS NG® Modules and pure::variants models can mirror DOORS NG module hierarchy across the V-Model.
  • Manages the complexity of dealing with thousands of requirements and variation points across multiple DOORS NG modules and variants.
  • Supports traceability - makes it easy to report on which requirements have been incorporated into which variants.
  • Allows you to check the integrity of your Requirements Modules by ensuring you support variability where desired.
  • Enables fast and precise decisions to be made about which requirements to select for a product or system variant.
  • Provides a rich language for modelling relationships and restrictions between requirements.
  • Automatically detects and resolves problems when conflicting requirements are specified.
  • Integrates with other systems engineering activities e.g. Architecture Design and Model-based development with pure::variants for IBM Rational Rhapsody® or pure::variants for MATLAB® Simulink®.
  • Enterprise-scalable open-standards based technology designed to be integrated as part of an end-to-end solution for Application (ALM) and Product (PLM) Lifecycle Management.

pure::variants for IBM Rational DOORS NG is fully compatible with pure::variants Professional in combination with the pure::variants Connector for IBM Rational DOORS NG and can be upgraded for full-lifecycle integration and orchestration with other development tools.

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Videobild Doors NG

Technical specifications

  • Supported development platforms
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 2003 Server and newer
  • Supported IBM Rational DOORS NG versions
    • 6.0.1 and newer