pure::variants for Simulink

pure::variants for The Mathworks Simulink® is the most efficient tool to create and maintain reusable models.

Extension Simulink

It provides variability management for Simulink® models including TargetLink models. It allows to maintain and configure all model variants within a single master model structure by feature selection in pure::variants. Architecture variability mapping and intrinsic rules relating to optional, alternative, mandatory and related features ensure valid, accurate and consistent model variant creation. Instead of using a copy and modify approach users can now make effective reuse of complete models and model elements.

pure::variants for Simulink allows you to:

  • Capture domain know-how about architecture and design variability and make this available to other members of your team
  • Reuse architecture, designs, models, functions stored in Simulink Models
  • Assemble and tailor model variants easily and automated
  • Integrate model-based-development as part of a Software Product Line
  • Speed production of model-to-code and improve consistency and quality

Technical specifications

  • Supported development platforms
    • All Windows platforms support by pure::variants and Simulink
  • Supported The Mathworks Simulink versions
    • 2006b and newer
  • Supported dSpace Targetlink versions
    • 2.1 and newer