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pure::variants Windows Installer Package
This file contains a windows installer for a stand-alone installation of pure::variants. This download is highly recommended for new users of pure::variants. It contains all necessary files to install pure::variants (including all the extensions listed below).
Read the included Upgrade Guide how to upgrade from pure::variants 5 to pure::variants 6.
Please select the included Eclipse package
pure::variants Archived Update Site with all Extensions
Open Source Software Archive
pure::variants - Community Edition
pure::variants - Detailed Element Specification Page
pure::variants - Eclipse Online Help Fix
pure::variants - SDK

See the ChangeLog.txt for all notable changes made throughout all versions

pure::variants Installation

To install pure::variants using the Windows Installer Package, download the package (see table left) and run the Setup program. This movie shows the installation procedure.

To install pure::variants in an existing Eclipse Installation, point your Eclipse Update Manager at this site and update your installation as shown in the movie.

To upgrade an existing installation the integrated update action can be used as shown in the following movie.


pure::variants has different system requirements, depending on the part of the software going to be installed. The list of all system requirements is available in the Setup Guide.

Get Java from the official Java Download Site. Follow the installation instructions on the web page.

Get Eclipse from the official Eclipse Download Site. Simply unzip the download in a convenient location and start the eclipse.exe (Windows) / eclipse (other platforms) program inside the eclipse folder.

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