How to buy pure::variants

pure::variants products and services can be purchased directly from pure-systems and through our solution and distribution partners.

For more information and to request a quotation please contact our sales team, or a solution partner in your region.

Phone: +49 391 5445 69 - 0
Fax: +49 391 5445 69 - 90

Solution and Distribution Partners    

Japan: Fujisetsubi Corporation

Fujisetsubi provides tools and consultancy for embedded software development and product line engineering.

Phone: +81 72 252 2128
Fax: +81 72 252 2120

Korea: Hancom MDS Inc.

Hancom MDS, intelligent convergence solution companies in Korea, distributes pure::variants in Korea and provides related services.

Phone: +82 31 627 3122

China: HiRain Technologies

HiRain Technologies is one of the leading Chinese suppliers for development tools, automotive electronic products, consulting and training services.

Phone: +86 10 6484 0808

Hungary: pure-objectives Kft.

pure-objectives provides consultancy and training in the area of variant management and systems and software product line engineering, and distributes pure::variants in Hungary.

Phone: +36 70 207 4774

Spain: ULMA Embedded Solutions, S.Coop.

ULMA Embedded Solutions, embedded systems engineering services along the whole embedded product lifecycle.

Phone: +34 943 250 300