Cambridge Wireless Software SIG - Tackling Diversity

With hundreds of handsets on the market developers must dig deep and provide several different product variants to compete. But how do you tackle the diversity issue? Cambridge Wireless is delighted to offer this half-day Software SIG event championed by Mark Dalgarno of Software Acumen and Peter Hazlett from Symbian. Current opinion says that the ‘one-size-fits-all’ model just isn’t attainable at present, leaving mobile developers with the issue of producing several diverse product variants to meet this challenge. This diversity arises from several sources: Differences between handsets. Operator-specific requirements. Market differentiation e.g high-end vs low-end products. Legal differences (e.g different laws on gambling). This event will outline the scale of the problem, look at ways of addressing it and consider whether the future holds more of the same. Speakers will be John Scott (Qualcomm), Danilo Beuche (pure-systems) and Steven Kelly (MetaCase). Registration and more information can be found on the SIG's event page.