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pure-systems is the leading provider of software product line and variant management engineering tools and solutions.

pure-systems enables systems engineers, architects and developers to better manage the complexity within their software systems and speeds project delivery while maintaining quality and consistency.

The core product, pure::variants, provides organisations with a tool to manage variant-rich software systems and products. It enables effective and controlled reuse of core assets and provides variant management at all stages of the software lifecycle, from requirements management, architecture modelling and design, coding, testing and bug tracking.

Tue, 26. May 2009

When the time comes and you feel adventurous, you may want to migrate from your current development approach to a (software) product line approach. There is a lot to reflect on before and while migrating. A few simple checks can tell you a lot in terms of where you stand and what your migration options are. This article will concentrate on discussing product relation patterns and their influence on product line migration approach decisions.

Have you tried explaining variant management to your boss? And he or she is not really the engineering or technical type? Well, we often get asked this question and so, instead of trying to answer ourselves with our engineering hat on, we have asked a journalist friend to come up with a simpler explanation. Let us know what you think: conversations@pure-systems.com

With the evolvement of open, standardized architectures like AUTOSAR variant management becomes a core theme and problem to solve for the platform. Existing mechanisms like #IFDEF as used with the C Pre-Processor no longer work with new languages like C# and JAVA, and formats like XML. So how do you go about managing variability at a granular level?

If you want to refresh both your Japanese and your knowledge about SPL, have a look at this nice movie. If you need more, check out the related web page. If your Japanese skills (like ours) are rather limited, there is also an English variant of this page and movie.


Thu, 28. Apr 2016  

pure::variants 4.0.0 released

The newest pure::variants Release 4.0.0 is now available for download.

Wed, 09. Mar 2016  

pure::variants 3.2.19

The newest pure::variants Release 3.2.19 is now available for download.

Fri, 11. Apr 2014  

Webinar Recording: Functional Safety and Variability - Can they be brought together?

IKV++ technologies AG - A KPIT Company and pure-systems on advances in the area of reuse in functional safety

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