pure::variants 4.0.5 released

pure::variants 4.0.5 was released on February 3, 2017 and is available now for download.

pure::variants Community and pure::variants Evaluation have been updated as well.

This release is a service release and includes a number of new capabilities, improvements and bug fixes.

Highlights are:

  • Support for using pvSCL as conditional text and xml rule language. This builds on the existing conditional text and xml concept, but uses the familiar pvSCL language. It includes an text editor to simplify maintaining conditional text documents.
  • Support for external linking to and from pure::variants model elements. Simply drag and drop pure::variants elements into other documents to create trace links. Or do the same with external assets.
  • pure::variants Connector for Rhapsody: Tagged Value variation support. The value of tags in Rhapsody models can now easily be controlled using the standard mechanisms pure::variants calculation and restriction.

Find a short video showing these capabilities here.

The update is highly recommended for all users.

The full list of changes is in the Changelog.