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Business Partner / International Competence Centre

International Competence Centre are our local representatives. They are covering the full range of pure-systems product and service offers.

Japan: Fujisetsubi Corporation

provides tools and consultancy for embedded software development and product line engineering.

Email: contact_fuji(at)fuji-setsu.co.jp
Phone: +81 72 252 2128

Korea: Hancom Intelligence Inc.

distributes pure::variants in Korea and provides related services.

Email: mbd(at)hancommds.com
Phone: +31-620-1464

China: HiRain Technologies

is one of the leading Chinese suppliers for development tools, automotive electronic products, consulting and training services.

E-mail: market_dept(at)hirain.com
Phone: +86 10 6484 0808

Hungary: pure-objectives Kft.

provides consultancy and training in the area of variant management and systems and software product line engineering, and distributes pure::variants in Hungary.

Email: contact(at)pure-objectives.com
Phone: +36 70 207 4774

Spain: ULMA Embedded Solutions, S.Coop.

specialized engineering services along the whole electronic product lifecycle.

Email: info(at)ulmaembedded.com
Phone: +34 943 250 300

Business Partner / Value Added Partner

The Value Added Partner (VAP) is your central contact from the initial contact to the ongoing support of your pure-systems products. The VAP has in-depth product know-how and offers the necessary services. In addition, the VAP offers added value in the form of complementary services or products.


Specialized on optimization and implementation of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Systems Engineering (SE) as well as Project Management tools and processes.

Email: info(at)nangasystems.com
Phone: +49 800 8001007

Consulting Partner

Consulting partners are service-oriented and have a deep understanding of product line engineering (PLE) and variant management, both product-related and in general. Usually they offer additional related services but they don’t sell pure::variants licenses. Upon request, they can support their customers in obtaining licenses directly from pure-systems or another suitable partner.

Germany: :em engineering methods AG

provides consultancy and training in the area of variant management and systems and software product line engineering.

Email: info(at)em.ag
Phone: +49 6151 7376-100

France: LGM

LGM provides diagnostics, pilots, change management, and IS-IT guidance to ensure product line development success. Services include setup, deployment, data migration, customization, TPAM, and integrations into the existing IS-IT eco-system.

Email: contact(at)lgm.fr
Phone: +33 (0) 130 670 800
Websites: https://www.lgm.fr/en/solutions#system-engineering

France: Samares Engineering SAS

Provides coaching, training, audit and support in the area of model-based product line engineering

Email: contact(at)samares-engineering.com
Phone: +33 610 535 044

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