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Business Partner / International Competence Centre

International Competence Centre are our local representatives. They are covering the full range of pure-systems product and service offers.

China: HiRain Technologies

is one of the leading Chinese suppliers for development tools, automotive electronic products, consulting and training services.

E-mail: market_dept(at)hirain.com
Phone: +86 10 6484 0808

Hungary: pure-objectives Kft.

provides consultancy and training in the area of variant management and systems and software product line engineering, and distributes pure::variants in Hungary.

Email: contact(at)pure-objectives.com
Phone: +36 70 207 4774

Japan: Fujisetsubi Corporation

provides tools and consultancy for embedded software development and product line engineering.

Email: contact_fuji(at)fuji-setsu.co.jp
Phone: +81 72 252 2128

Korea: MDS Intelligence Inc.

distributes pure::variants in Korea and provides related services.

Email: pure-systems(at)mdsit.co.kr
Phone: +82-31-601-4038

Spain: ULMA Embedded Solutions, S.Coop.

specialized engineering services along the whole electronic product lifecycle.

Email: info(at)ulmaembedded.com
Phone: +34 943 250 300

Business Partner / Value Added Partner

The Value Added Partner (VAP) is your central contact from the initial contact to the ongoing support of your pure-systems products. The VAP has in-depth product know-how and offers the necessary services. In addition, the VAP offers added value in the form of complementary services or products.

China: Beijing TeamLive Works Technology Co., Ltd

is a leading R&D management solution provider in Greater China with a vision to solve the challenges faced by organizations in R&D quality,engineering efficiency and industry compliance.

E-mail: info(at)teamlive.com.cn
Phone: +86 10 6543 5665


Specialized on optimization and implementation of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Systems Engineering (SE) as well as Project Management tools and processes.

Email: info(at)nangasystems.com
Phone: +49 800 8001007

North America: 321 Gang

321 Gang helps to accelerate the development of large, engineered systems. Our tool and process expertise includes scaled agile, requirements management, MBSE, test management/verification and validation, and traceability for compliance and reporting.

Email: pv(at)321gang.com
Phone:  +1 877 820 0888
Website: www.321gang.com

Consulting Partner

Consulting partners are service-oriented and have a deep understanding of product line engineering (PLE) and variant management, both product-related and in general. Usually they offer additional related services but they don’t sell pure::variants licenses. Upon request, they can support their customers in obtaining licenses directly from pure-systems or another suitable partner.

France: LGM

LGM provides diagnostics, pilots, change management, and IS-IT guidance to ensure product line development success. Services include setup, deployment, data migration, customization, TPAM, and integrations into the existing IS-IT eco-system.

Email: contact(at)lgm.fr
Phone: +33 (0) 130 670 800
Websites: https://www.lgm.fr/en/solutions#system-engineering

France: Samares Engineering SAS

Provides coaching, training, audit and support in the area of model-based product line engineering.
Samares has trained pure::variants trainers and offers both standardized and individual trainings for pure::variants.

Email: contact(at)samares-engineering.com
Phone: +33 610 535 044

Germany: :em engineering methods AG

provides consultancy and training in the area of variant management and systems and software product line engineering.

Email: info(at)em.ag
Phone: +49 6151 7376-100

Japan: Cybernet MBSE Co., Ltd.

offers a wide range of services and tools related to model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and model-based product line engineering (MBPLE). Services include process reform consulting, model construction, deployment, and training.

Email: info(at)cybernetmbse.co.jp
Phone: +81 3 6853 6777

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