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We are pleased that you are interested in product line engineering and holistic variant management.

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Hello PLE: Good variant management, good coffee

The increasing complexity of modern products requires new methods and tools. With Product Line Engineering (PLE) and the pure::variants solution for holistic variant management, you create the conditions for safe and efficient future product development.

Hello PLE: Learning from the successful

Software and electronics are an essential part of almost all modern products. The resulting complexity and a constantly increasing number of product variants pose great challenges for product developers. This is also the experience of Ben, who is developing a new generation of coffee machines. In such a case, it is good to have friends and learn from their experience.

Hello PLE: Smart Variant Management in just 4 steps

Ben is convinced that Product Line Engineering (PLE) and pure::variants will improve development of his coffee vending machines and manage the increasing complexity of his product line. Now he wants to know how exactly it works. In this video Michelle explains how the diversity of variants of a product line is managed in just four steps with pure::variants in a traceable, safe and efficient way and what this has to do with the pure::variants logo.