PTC Windchill RV&S (Integrity) connector

Control structural variability in your requirements. Run structural updates of existing variants.

Our connector for PTC Windchill PV&S allows Integrity users to use pure::variants to manage requirements variability. By coupling pure::variants and Integrity, variability and variation knowledge can be formalized, shared, and evaluated. This helps in providing solutions about the effective combination of requirements in product variants, and can easily monitor planned and released product variants at the requirement level. Provides support for structural variability in requirements and can generate variant-specific requirements documents very efficiently.

The image shows highlights of pure::variants connector for PTC Windchill PV&S in the form of a word cloud which are Structural variability, Flexible Data storage, Parametric variability, Manage Complexity, reuse requirements, Partial configuration, System modelling, Simple expression language, Faster decision making
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Additional benefits

  • Enables adding of variability information to Integrity documents.
  • Helps defining structural variation points for requirements by providing an in-tool editor which comes with auto completion and syntax highlighting.
  • Ensures correctness of restrictions by providing an error check.

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