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Control structural and parametric variability in your requirements. Generate variant specific enumerations and Working-Sets. Our Connector generates variant specific trackers from superset baseline by means of variant specific Working-Sets mode.

Our connector for codebeamer allows you to create and maintain reusable requirements within codebeamer by managing variability in master requirements specifications and other engineering assets like test cases, test steps, test configurations and configuration items.

Connects your codebeamer assets to a pure::variants feature model and generates variant specific codebeamer assets based on a feature selection for a specific variant. Supports variability mapping and intrinsic rules relating to optional, or, alternative and mandatory features. Thus, it ensures valid, consistent and accurate creation of variant specific documents. Users can benefit from the functionality of effectively reusing the whole variant specification rather than using the copy-and-modify approach.

We are proud to note that we have been fully integrated into the codebeamer UI. This makes it easy to retrieve all the necessary data from pure::variants inside codebeamer.

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Additional benefits

  • Enables systematic reuse of requirements across the product.
  • Manages complexity of cross-dependencies and dependency chains between requirements, features, and other engineering assets.
  • Enables parametric variability using calculations.
  • Implements enumeration and working-sets transformation modes from which you can choose to create variant specific output on codebeamer side.
  • Supports co-evolution which enables to update a variant of a product line without losing variant-specific changes.
  • Supports inheritance between variants.
  • Allows you to preview all the errors in your assets by using a unique functionality of pvSCL error visualization.

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