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How to get started with Product Line Engineering (PLE)

October 2023

In a recent article from IT-Daily, learn more about Product Line Engineering (PLE), an interdisciplinary approach that helps companies operate efficiently and competitively in a dynamic marketplace. PLE provides benefits such as consistent product quality, accelerated development, optimal resource utilization, increased innovation and improved competitiveness.

Learn more about the first steps of a successful PLE implementation.

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About Model-Based Product Line Engineering (MBPLE)

August 2022

We’ve found this interesting video on Youtube about MBSE and PLE. Marco Forlingieri from Airbus was invited to join the "MBSE Podcast". The hosts Tim Weilkiens and Christian Muggeo talked with him about MBPLE and his personal experience with this efficient methodology.

The video is especially interesting if you are at an early stage of implementation and you want to know how MBSE and PLE are related.

The MBSE Podcast - Model-based Product Line Engineering with Marco Forlingieri

8 ways AI helps you in a transition process to PLE

April 2022

Modern products become more complex with each new generation, and so does the management of the entire product line with all its product variants. What contribution can artificial intelligence (AI) make to mastering these challenges even better in the future?

Dr. Michael Jastram and Dr. Yang Li have addressed this question and discussed 8 possible use cases.

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How Airbus uses MB-PLE as a competitive advantage

March 2022

To remain competitive, companies must adapt their product development processes. Even SMEs can learn from pioneers like Airbus, who are embracing holistic variant management, as Computerwoche reports.

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Intelligent variant management through PLE Developing processes and products sustainably.

January 2022

With the thesis "Sustainability begins in product development", the Digital Engineering Magazin explains the connection between intelligent variant management and sustainability in the print issue January 2022. A very readable article.

Download artikel [PDF, 244 KB, German]

Product Line Engineering and Model Based Systems Engineering – Overview

November 2021

This article was written by our Consulting Partner Samares Engineering. They present the concepts of Product Line Engineering and MBSE and illustrate it on a Health Agriculture UAV case study using Capella and pure::variants.

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The perfect way to speed up your product development

November 2021

See how PLE and holistic variant management accelerate your processes and help you save time and money.

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What companies need - and where they are

November 2021

Which stages of development does a company go through on the way to digital business transformation? Holger Schmiedefeldt gives practical assistance in determining the current position and the target image.

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Feature Models and Features – What’s this?

September 2021

This article will explain the basic concepts of feature models. Danilo Beuche provides you some insights about features.

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Versions, Variants & the rest – Basic Definitions

August 2021

Danilo Beuche presents basic definitions for the relevant terms related to versions and variants.

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Sustainability starts with product development

August 2021

Danilo Beuche gives us an insight into how clever variant management ensures sustainable processes and products.

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Do we need standards for Product Line Engineering - and if so, how many?

May 2021

Danilo Beuche shares some facts and his view regarding standards in PLE.

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A Closer Look at Configuration Management for Product Lines

Danilo Beuche draws attention to typical problems of configuration management systems.

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