Web Client

With our Web Client, you have direct access to your feature models and variant models. In combination with the web-based engineering tools, the Web Client, provides seamless navigation between features, variants and engineering assets. Everything you need is made possible with the help of our “simple and easy to use” feature model editor and variant model editor. The transformation to generate variant assets in web-based engineering tools is deployed as a service, which efficiently handles the triggering of multiple transformations at once. As it is deployed in a central server with enough resources, running a transformation does not rely on the resources of the local working station for end users.

pure::variants’ Web Client removes the need to deploy a pure::variants client on every local machine, and achieves timely software and resource upgrades in a central place.

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Additional Benefits

  • User-friendly Web Client
  • Data accessible anywhere, anytime and always up-to-date
  • Unlimited number of read-only access users
  • Zero-installation efforts for end users
  • Analysis of similarity between variant models using matrix view in Web Client
  • Easier deployment with reduced complexity

Have a look at how the Web Client works

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