Domain Assets Engineer

Domain assets engineer is not a job title but a role in PLE activities who works on building up and maintaining the product line assets in the digital forms, for instance, requirements, source code, test cases, architecture models and so on. Hence, if you are a requirements engineer, a software developer or a system architect, you could also act as a domain assets engineer in PLE but focus on the superset of the engineering assets with identified variability information.

Advantages of the PLE with pure::variants:

  • You (Domain Assets Engineer) still use your tool to manage the requirements, write the code and build up architecture models. But with the assistance of the pure::variants in-tool integrations, you can directly manage the variability in your tools by adding restrictions or conditions to your assets. The pure::variants in-tool integrations are friendly to use by providing multiple capabilities like Preview and Error Check.
  • You could express the existence/non-existence of an element in your engineering assets for different variants.
  • You could express that the value of a parameter or part of the textual information in your engineering assets varies in different variants.
  • You have the feasibility of formulating a complex restriction/condition to the variation points you identified in the engineering assets.

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