Application Assets Engineer

Application assets engineers are responsible for variant-specific assets, for example the variant-specific requirements, source code, architecture models and so on. That is to say, after deriving the variant-specific assets, application assets engineers have the possibility of continuously working on them, such as bug fixes.

Advantages of the PLE with pure::variants:

  • You (Application Assets Engineer) do not need to make a copy of the engineering assets from existing projects of variants and further manually revise the engineering assets according to the new requirements every time when starting a new project for a similar product variant. That’s because the variability is systematically manageable by using pure::variants and you can generate the variant-specific engineering assets automatically out of the superset of engineering assets.
  • You have the feasibility of automatically updating the variant-specific assets to the latest version of the product line assets without losing the local changes you made in variant-specific assets.

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