Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems connector

Control structural variability in your architecture models. Generate variant-specific models.

pure::variants connector for Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems allows you to manage the reusable UML and SysML models in a master project created in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. It establishes the connection between Enterprise Architect and pure::variants, which enables mapping the features created in pure::variants to the variable Enterprise Architect model elements, such as classes, states, objects, etc. This way, the variant-specific model projects can be automatically derived out of the master project that contains the superset of models in terms of the feature selection made in pure::variants.

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Additional benefits

  • Reuses the architecture models such as UML and SysML models systematically.
  • Supports achieving the variability mapping efficiently and reliably via the in-tool integration.
  • Derives the variant-specific project easily and automatically out of the master project.
  • Updates the variant-specific project to the last version of the master project automatically with Lemon tree.

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