IBM® Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody connector

Control structural and parametric variability in your architecture models. Generate variant-specific models locally or in Streams & GCs.

pure::variants connector for IBM® Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody enables the variability management in the Rhapsody project. It provides the feasibility of reusing almost all the UML and SysML model elements such as classes, blocks, states, use cases, objects, etc. via different mechanisms. Based on the feature models created in pure::variants, the Rhapsody connector allows you to use the existing features to create rules to control the variable elements, which formulates the variability mapping between feature models and architecture models. Instead of copying the existing Rhapsody project and further modifying it manually, the variant-specific Rhapsody project is able to be created automatically tailed from a master Rhapsody project holding all variable model elements that should be reused.

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Additional benefits

  • Reuses the architecture models such as UML and SysML models systematically.
  • Provides in-tool integration to achieve the variability mapping efficiently and reliably.
  • Supports multiple ways to restrict the variability of the model elements.
  • Supports expressing the varying values for the Rhapsody tags, attributes, or value properties.
  • Tailors the variant-specific models easily and automatically.
  • Updates the variant-specific models to the last version of the master models automatically.
  • Supports creating not only a variant-specific copy of the Rhapsody project but also a variant-specific stream automatically.
  • Supports automatically adding variant-specific tags to all variable elements.

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