Microsoft Word connector

Control structural and parametric variability in your Microsoft Word files. Generate documents from one Master File automatically.

Our connector for Microsoft Word as part of pure::variants Integration for Microsoft Office installation lets you add product line variability to your documents. Variability mapping and intrinsic rules relating to optional, alternative, mandatory and related features ensure valid, accurate and consistent creation of documents.

You can edit and update just the master document to create variations of the base documents with the made changes. Instead of using a copy and modify approach users can now make effective reuse of complete documents.

The image shows highlights of pure::variants connector for Microsoft Word in the form of a word cloud which are Easy Traceability, Manage Complexity, systematic variant management, Parametric Variability, Structural Variability, Preview capabilities, Simple Expression Language, Automatic document creation
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Additional benefits

  • Allows you to automatically create different document variants from one master document.
  • Provides a rich yet easy language for modelling relationships and restrictions between document attributes.
  • Highlights and views variability information as comments maintaining a familiar User Interface.
  • Allows you to check the integrity of variability information in your documents with a dedicated view to check syntax and semantics.

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