IBM® Engineering Requirements DOORS® connector

Control structural and parametric variability in your requirements. Generate variant-specific requirements modules and variant matrix.

Our connector for IBM® Engineering Requirements DOORS® allows you to create and maintain reusable requirements within DOORS.

Create and maintain reusable requirements within your DOORS Modules. Get the knowledge of commonalities and variabilities between the products in your product line with Feature Models. We offer you the ability to reply efficiently to the inquiries regarding valid requirements combinations in your product variations using variants that can be formalized, shared and automatically evaluated. pure::variants lets you mirror changes in requirement modules of DOORs. Additional relations and dependencies between requirements that have not represented in DOORS can then be modelled in pure::variants.

Best of all, our tool let’s you store the individual product variants created in pure::variants within DOORS itself to allow easy traceability, monitoring of planned and released variants and their requirements.

The image shows highlights of pure::variants connector for DOORS in the form of a word cloud which are Easy Traceability, Manage Complexity, Flexible Data Storage, reuse requirements, systematic variant management, Global & Partial Configuration, correct requirement modules.
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Additional benefits

  • Updates exported variants with pure::variants support for DOORS transformation.
  • Supports executing DXL scripts as part of Transformation.
  • Uses existing DOORS Modules and pure::variants models to mirror DOORS module hierarchy across the V-Model.
  • Uses Enterprise-scalable Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration based technology, designed to be integrated as part of an end-to-end solution for Application (ALM) and Product (PLM) Lifecycle Management.

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