Polarion connector

Control parametric variability and structural variability in your requirements. Generate variant-specific Polarion assets based on the baseline of superset assets.

Our connector for Polarion allows you to utilize the holistic variant management approach so that you can manage variability across different other engineering tools. It helps you to create and maintain reusable assets within Polarion. With the help of our connector, you can handle variability in complex product lines such as systems of systems. Also, it is possible to use multiple or nested feature models for complex modelling on feature model side.

With the Polarion connector, the reuse of Polarion data across variants and versions can be analyzed. pure::variants provides different analysis capabilities and views to answer questions related to variability, for example Impact Analysis, Variant Matrix, Similarity Matrix and the compare and merge view. This connector fully supports the concept of product line of product lines with a multi-step configuration and the generation of a slightly reduced subset out of the superset assets from which variant-specific assets can be generated in a subsequent step.

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Additional benefits

  • Support different development lifecycle stages of variants.
  • Effectively control the variability in various specification documents across multiple Polarion projects.
  • Model more complex variability information for systems of systems and product line of product lines.
  • Enable stepwise configuration of variants and stepwise generation of Polarion assets
  • Support inheritance between variants
  • Implements parametric variability using calculations and structural variability using restrictions
  • Generate variant specific outputs using three different transformation modes in pure::variants

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