Capella connector

Control structural and parametric variability in your architecture models.

Generate variant-specific models. pure::variants connector for Capella provides the functionality to add variability information to Capella models, which enables the usage of product line variability concepts in Capella projects. It allows you to maintain a master project in Capella with conditions and rules to restrict the variability. Different variant-specific projects can be created automatically from the master project by selecting the features created in pure::variants. So, instead of having to make changes about variations to every separate project, all the changes related to variability are applied once to the master project and then all relevant variants are automatically generated by pure::variants.

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Additional benefits

  • Reuse the different kinds of diagrams such as Operational Architecture, Capabilities, Dataflows, etc. systematically.
  • Provide in-tool integration to achieve the variability mapping efficiently and reliably.
  • Support parametric variability for element attributes such as property value.
  • Tailor the variant-specific projects easily and automatically.
  • Update the variant-specific models to the last version of the master models automatically.
  • Support propagation to avoid adding the same pure::variants condition to all related elements.

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Webinar: Variability management with Capella and pure::variants

In this webinar, we will illustrate:

  • How the PLE challenges can be tackled for all assets of the development lifecycle using pure::variants and focusing on its integration with Capella.
  • Which approach is needed to realize a high reuse rate that minimizes the maintenance effort and maximizes the productivity.

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