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What is Model-Based Product Line Engineering?

2024-05-22 09:00 PST

With the INCOSE Symposium 2024 in Dublin swiftly approaching, it seems an opportune moment for the PLE WG to initiate discussions within INCOSE concerning Model-Based Product Line Engineering (MBPLE). The upcoming webinar is designed to offer a comprehensive view of the MBPLE methodology, anchored in the ISO 26580 standard, and will feature a practical display using various SysML Modeling tools in conjunction with  PLE tool pure::variants.

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How Product Line Engineering Enables the Software-Defined Vehicle

2024-05-28 10:00 CEST

The increasing complexity in the automotive industry is driven by various drivers. There is an increasing demand for customized products to meet the individual needs of customers. Different regulations and standards in different regions require flexible solutions that adapt to local requirements. A growing part of the value that a product provides is implemented through software, which increases the complexity of product development. Today's customers expect sustainable products that can be improved and updated throughout their lifecycle. New business models aim to expand products already on the market by selling new features and services, which creates additional challenges.

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Advancing Mission-Critical Systems with Holistic PLE in Aerospace & Defense

2024-06-20 16:00 CEST

Join us to discover how Holistic Product Line Engineering (PLE) strengthens the development of mission-critical systems in the Aerospace & Defense sector. Learn how companies can achieve greater agility and reliability while managing complexity and ensuring compliance with stringent standards.

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Integrating pure::variants with Requirements Management Systems

2024-07-11 16:00 CEST

Learn how to seamlessly integrate pure::variants with Requirements Management Systems to streamline your software product-line development process. This webinar will explore best practices and demonstrate how this integration enhances traceability and ensures alignment between requirements and design.

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