Product Line Engineer

In PLE activities, product line engineer is not a job title but a role who is responsible for modeling the variability information in feature models and maintaining the feature models. When starting creating feature models from scratch, product line engineers will not do this alone but via brainstorming or the analysis of the legacy artifacts with domain experts to extract variability information.

Advantages of the PLE with pure::variants:

  • You (Product Line Engineer) can build up feature models with very complex relationships among features.
  • You can easily integrate the pure::variants plugin into your other Eclipse-based environments.
  • You can use pure::variants to import a feature model from a CSV or Excel file. It’s also possible for you to create a user-defined importer by using the user interface of the pure::variants.
  • You can use any popular version of control systems (e.g., GitHub, GitLab and SVN) to manage your pure::variants assets including the feature models.
  • You also have the possibility of achieving a real-time collaboration of editing your feature models.

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