Jama Connect connector

Control structural and parametric variability in your requirements. Generate variant-specific requirements, tags and link collections.

Our connector for Jama Connect allows you to manage variability in your requirements. It helps you create and maintain reusable requirements within Jama Connect. Connect your Jama requirements to a pure::variants feature model and generate variant-specific requirements based on a feature selection for a specific variant. Variability mapping and intrinsic rules relating to optional, alternative, mandatory and related features ensure valid, accurate and consistent creation of specifications. Instead of using a copy and modify approach users can now make effective reuse of complete specifications. With the desktop hub, pure::variants provides an easy way to add structural and parametric variation points to Jama assets.

The image shows highlights of pure::variants connector for Jama in the form of a word cloud which are system variant management, Structural variability, Linking mode, Fast and Precision Decision making, Manage complexity, Parametric variability, Easy traceability, Tags, Copy mode, Simple expression language, variability in HTML tables, choice of transformation types.
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Additional benefits

  • Enables systematic reuse of requirements across the product line with the combination of Jama and pure::variants.
  • Helps to manage the complexity of cross-dependencies and dependency chains between requirements, features and other engineering assets.
  • Implements parametric variability using calculations.
  • Uses three transformation modes from which you can choose to create variant specific output on Jama side.

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